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We specialize in hacked items for The Sims.

Don't expect strong cheats here since our hacks are more subtle!

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September 12, 2005 BACK ON LINE!  
From time to time I will receive a mail asking me about the site and where the objects can be found. I had a web host issue which I eventually solved - I have been very busy lately indeed. But I took some time - well half of the day actually - to upload everything on a free server which will not sustain the high traffic C&C used to have. Anyway the golden days of C&C are gone
with the arrival of Sims2 so everything should be fine. I would love to hack again for both the original Sims and Sims 2 but doubt I'll ever will. I enjoyed it a lot but it is extremely time consuming so it can only be done through neglecting other parts of my life and this, I simply refuse to do, life is too short and people who know me will know why I say that. In addition, I hate not to help so I don't want to feel bad not answering e-mails which I hoped won't be too numerous now. Again read well the readme file in the zip and the technical support section. Also run your game in "debug mode" that will tremendously help in case you have any issue with an object. Happy simming! Cambouisfr

Thank you to Mary for having kept the C&C's objects on a Yahoo group - well several - for the community to enjoy. That is definitely the C&C's spirit!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! C&C WILL REMAIN FREE! Thanks to you we made it! Thanks to your donations C&C will be FREE and BIGGER for 2004! Our deepest thanks to all our donators who made it possible that everybody can enjoy this site! No more talking, need to fill up all that new space now! Thanks so much again, this community is indeed unique! 27Mar04

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER TO BE INFORMED OF OUR LATEST UPDATES! This will save some bandwith and will allow more visitors to download smoothly! We cannot update that often, so no fear to be drowned with e-mails! Do not forget to confirm your subscription! Do set up your e-mail box to accept mail from us orelse it's just useless and gives extra work!


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Older Updates & News


January 3, 2005 HAPPY NEW YEAR!  
You are so numerous asking for some news and wondering what is happening! A lot of things have unfortunately changed in my life over the past 3 months and I'm not sure I'll have the time to hack for Sims 2 in the next future, I can hardly find some time to play the game. Tools to hack are getting better and better though, so you never know that might change. Hacking the C&C way must remain subtle and not being strong cheats to be of any interest and so far both the game and tools are too new to allow that. Here, you'll find plenty of hacks for your game (just look for the beta testers section). Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for your constant support!



September 25 , 2004 "ARE YOU GOING TO DO THINGS FOR SIMS2?"  
A question you keep on asking us! So far, only skins can be made through TS2Bodyshop and there is not yet any program to change the mesh - the shape of clothes or hair etc. There are no programs for objects yet, and the first one which will be released will be to make objects, not to hack them. Without any program available there is nothing we can do! So enjoy the game as it is - and it is very good - and please be patient while some smart guys are working on creating programs for the game!


September 15 , 2004 GARDENING THE C&C WAY PART II!  
4 new styles of vases to match most home decors have been released! One glass, 2 ethnic and one oriental! Click on the empty vase to download the one you want, and remember each vase can hold 8 different bouquets!  
You'll find them in the "Regular Simmies" section.

... And now I go to bed since tomorrow I will have to be early, right at the opening of the shops and get me Sims2! Yes it's tomorrow for me!


September 3 , 2004 GARDENING THE C&C WAY PART II! Rose the florist is finally ready! She awaits your visit to her heavenly fragrant FLOWER STAND, where she will buy from or sell to you the freshest flowers, ROSE sprigs or TULIPS bulbs. The flowers you'll get from her or will grow from your own garden are indeed very special: not only can they be given to a dear friend or a total stranger but they no longer disappear like magic. Indeed, the recipient now keeps them and takes them home! And I don't know about you, but I don't normally keep flowers in weird places like my pocket but would rather place them in beautiful VASES! A gift most of your friends will appreciate so much that it will boost your relationships. Now, do not forget that James and Rose are madly in love, so be patient while shopping at their stands! C&C's NPCs have indeed a personality of their own! I wonder what would happen if Rose could meet Cary! The gardenshed has also been updated to store flowers seeds! You'll find our garden set in the "Regular Simmies" Section after the vegetables.



August 9, 2004: A small update - well it looks small but it's actually not - before getting the florist ready since you need to take a break sometimes.
to which we have put a limit on how many baby bunnies a mama bunny can have for those who fear an invasion. We didn't feel like making them totally disappear because we actually find them cute! And now your pets can earn their own pocket money while hunting them!

PIGGY BANK to store all your magic coins with no limit.
GARDENPLOT & VINEPLOT: too busy were we checking that kids don't gain too quickly their school grades and are transformed into slaves, that we overlooked what happened to the parents: they got demoted! The previous code was working perfectly but not with the kids! It's fixed now since late last night. Sorry about that but our Sims testers had all quit their jobs since they no longer needed to work with their new gardens!
You'll find these items in the "Regular Simmies" Section.


August 7, 2004 GARDENING THE C&C WAY! Indeed at C&C, we think we know about gardening! Using chemicals is not our cup of tea. We prefer to use environment friendly techniques to prevent weeds from growing to give our plants every chance to produce large and yet tasty veggies! We also know that watering in the sun is the best way to burn your plants, not to mention waste water! In nature, vegetables and flowers produce seeds so that new plants can be grown, and likewise, at C&C, our garden plants and flowers will give you seeds or baby shoots when you harvest them. You have the choice to grow new plants or sell the extra seeds or shoots! Storing seeds and crops in a dry place is a must, and having a central place that everyone has access to, is a much better solution than keeping them in your pocket! We also know that gardening is a fun and healthy activity that the entire family should get to experience. Kids like helping in the garden after school, and not just the watering chores! And when it comes time to sell your gardening goods, C&C has provided a better way of doing shopping than going back and forth to the cashier with each item, especially when a real professional gardener is waiting to give you the best advice, bargains and products! You'll find our garden set in the "Regular Simmies" Section.
project by Simdebster - former C&C guestartist and now full C&C partner - and Cambouisfr.


July 14, 2004. A little tutorial in the DIY section! It will allow you to do your own"A la Carte" fridges, your stoves and even your double beds once you get a good grasp of it! And it will free me from being always asked for more, and more and more fridges, stoves and beds!


    June 17, 2004. It's about time to release CARY as a full working version! Testers are no longer encountering problems with him in all game versions - he wasn't tested with just The Sims though! Mac users there is a now a text file in the zip explaining how to make it work in case it doesn't for you!

Some objects got some modifications made to work better with less EPs, so if some were not working because you probably were lacking an EP in your game please try to redownload the following:
Wall mounted TV
Pink anywhere dresser
Norma Jeans Bar - don't forget to uncategorize it not to be used in Studio Town if you don't have SS
Breakfast food
Cakes food
Book and Spice Shelves remade for kids to put their coins
Toilets of the Good morning Pack
Many Thanks to all the testers and to everybody who plays with the very safe "debug objects mode"! (See technical support section if you want to learn more about it!)
Some huge projects are in the making, hence the lack of updates lately but don't despair, there will be some more to come!

    May 22, 2004. LATEST UPDATE ON CARY BETA VERSION Another updated version is available for those who would have encountered further problems. Getting closer and closer to make him perfect I think! Thanks to all the testers but guys you don't send a lot of feedback you know? Cary seems to fully function with just LL installed and can perform all his duties! Download the latest version I uploaded now if you downloaded a previous one before! Cambouisfr

    May 12, 2004. UPDATE ON CARY BETA VERSION To make it easier to unzip I created a far file for the butler not requiring SS version. However, this far structure is creating problems upon loading the game, so I uploaded a version with a regular folder structure and testers confirmed it works now! So redownload the file and check it out! Cambouisfr

May 10, 2004. UPDATING! Well, the weather stayed bad so I updated a bit further in the "Regular Simmies" Section: C&C revisited version of the Studio minitrailer for a at home use and more rock and roll! Also Cary has been updated and comes now as a phone plug-in! A beta version for non Superstar owners is also available! I called it beta to be on the safe side since, even if it has been already tested by some nice people, I don't know yet if he can work with all different game versions! So why don't you just try it and see by yourself? Cambouisfr


May 8, 2004. UPDATING! Well, if the weather here stays as bad as it is now for the week-end, the site will be updated! Already one item there in the "Regular Simmies" Section: C&C Anywhere dressers! Dressers you can place anywhere and yet fully functional! Hope to be able to add more by tomorrow! So stay tuned! Cambouisfr


Apr 29, 2004. THEY CAN SWIM AGAIN! To make a short story long, Deb, C&C's wonderful guestartist who didn't hack for a long while, heard the news about Cybergrape leaving and sent me a cheer up note knowing that I was totally on my own now! We discussed the issue of pets not swimming with MM which I missed soooo much (if you knew the feeling of joy I had when I made them swim for the first time on 31Dec2002!), she installed SS and MM she had sitting next to her PC for months, hacked the file and voila: she got it right immediately! When you think the 2 C of C&C never made it, how unfair! Deb is a genius (as a reminder, she was the one to correct the "Jesus complex" i.e. pets standing on water when resting from swimming), plus she is such a kind person indeed! Thank you so much Deb! Get the new patch for MM from the "Pets" Section! Me, I return to my game, I cannot stop watching them swim :) Cambouisfr


Dear folks,
I have been fighting failing health for some time. Cambouisfr will be the first to tell you hacking and object creation takes a lot of energy and concentration...which I don't have anymore. C&C is in the best of hands and my sincerest wish is for everyone to have a lot of fun both from their game and Cambouisfr's wonderful creations here at C&C. I am resigning from both the site and from simming. Thank you all for a wonderful time in my life, I won't forget you.
Bon Voyage to all! Sincerely,
Cybergrape: I'll be the first one to miss you for sure! Cambouisfr

   Mar 22, 2004. The Interesting Toilet in the "Regular Simmies" Section exists now in 2 other different styles and 2 colors. And if you think: "they are really good object designers", look closer at the SS toiletstall or at the stall part of the HP PottyPack you downloaded from EA site!

   Mar 6, 2004. A small update but a concentrate of hacking actually! In our "Regular Simmies" Section you'll find some Interesting Toilets, designed to give you an interest point per go while doing number 2! But that is not all of course! Bob Newbie should love them!

   Feb 28, 2004. An update for Superstar! In our "Regular Simmies'" Section look for our Smart Butler! A cheaper and better looking butler, who works longer, who repairs, gardens and cleans by himself without calling the NPCs gang! He cooks when you are just hungry and not already starving! He recognizes several fridges and cooks part of our A La Carte meals, even if you don't have a hacked fridge! Plus more features but if only one would have to be retained it will be that he doesn't need to come to you to get your orders! You or your kids can call him on his mobile from where you are and he will just do what you told him!
    Feb 24, 2004. A small update: 2 A La Carte modern fridges with glass doors and some dragon treats to buy by the dozens without needing Magic Coins! All that in the "Regular Simmies'" Section


    Feb 14, 2004. Over the week we have updated! 2 versions- colonial and modern light chrome - of our "A LA CARTE FRIDGE" in the regular Simmies section. They are designed to be used with all game versions but without the pantry features and even work with the original game version! Some new food files will follow for universal use too but some of them work with all versions already. We thought that if you had modern kitchens our colonial stove won't match so here you are with a "VITROCERAMIC HOB" which will match all decors that kids can use without burning the kitchen. Also all our foodprocessors can be used by kids now! Hey your kitchen is quite complete now! In the pets and kids section we have our "AUTOWASH FOUNTAIN" which will wash pets and kids while playing with it! Handy for big families and kids can ask pets or other kids to join - yes it's a pain not to control pets so this will help you a bit! The fountain can be used as a decoration item in the middle of the pool too, so even without pets or Unleashed you might find it useful! And finally the "NO JEALOUSY PATCH" for MM is ready !



   Jan 20, 2004. The foodfile had a bug turning your playing Sims into NPCs after they washed the dishes! Sorry about it but not only Maxis has that monoploy LOL Thanks to feedback this was corrected immediately so go and re-download the foodfile - not the fridge. If you don't have all EPs installed we need your feedback - positive or negative - that we make a specific version for other EPs if needed. We tried to make it universal spending hours isolating what would be needed to be changed in order to post only one file and save some space on the site which is almost full, but don't worry we will find a way! Thanks again to all of you who wrote us, this is a big help!

    Jan 19, 2004. We hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you a Very Very Happy New Year!                
We have been busy during the Holiday season preparing you a big update! All is to be found in the "Regular Simmies" section.
1. our "A la carte pantry/fridge" to complete our colonial kitchen which can be used like a pantry or a fridge offering a choice of no less than 28 real unique meals! There are so many features that it will be too long to describe all of them here so go and read its description! To summarize: this is a pantry into which you can store more items than into a regular one and if empty it can be used as a normal fridge, kids can prepare food, foods have different costs and hunger values and so much more features!
2. our "Pets & Visitors Double Twinbed", a double twin bed set edited for pets and visitors with realistic animations and sounds for pets! Watching cats sleep is a real joy! Again too many features to describe it but to summarize: NO EP NEEDED so go and get it! 
3. our "Wood Foodprocessor" which looks like a chopping board that kids can use!
The first 2 files are big, especially the food file, which was split into several parts to avoid too much burden on the server and allow those on dial-up modems to download it. The server might get saturated so be patient if you cannot access the files or worse the site! We will see how it goes and will look for mirror sites if needed!
And also we won 2 awards in December! Thanks to all of you who voted for us!

Now let's go and work on that patches for MM




    Dec 1, 2003. Part II of the colonial kitchen is ready! Get it from our "Regular Simmies" section. Missing part III though but you'll not regret the wait promised! 2 ovens for bakers are also available over there. Hey we were granted an anward as one of Sim Mom's Staff's Choice Awards for November 2003 for most excellent Makin' Magic Objects! Cool no? So let's continue doing some more things for that EP! Also the very clever and talented Bunny Wuffles has remade her Turkish Bath and has several hacked items from us over there, pay her a visit - yes her site is free of course!


    Nov22, 2003. Thanks to 2 of you who wrote us, a glitch in the "Books and Spices Shelf" has been corrected. It was affecting people having less than 5 items to store and who were not able to get those items back. Please redownload it and you will not lose what it currently contains since it's the same file. If because of it, you have lost for good some hard to get precious ingredients, please e-mail me I'll send you the lost ingredients. It seems my Sims were too wealthy when I tested it and had more than 5 items to store per category. Well, you will all agree that it's easy to get lost with a full inventory of 31 items. Also I took the opportunity to correct Maxis overlook for the carrots so you can store them in here too. I hope you'll forgive me :) cambouisfr.

    Nov18, 2003. A very small update in the "Regular Simmies" section: buy now your grocery by pack of 5 similar items. Also if you downloaded the black roses and want to have them appearing nicely in the hands of your Sims while buying them, just redownload them. Not a dramatic change, just a little add-on to make it nicer!


    Nov 17, 2003. Our "Regular Simmies" section has a lot of updates! 2 kitchen sets - yes they are hacked - the "Poor Tuscan" and the "Colonial" Part I, a new Butter Churn and a Spinning Wheel both fun and fast to use including skills points gains. Plus our very own version of Maxis Magic Bookcase totally revisited by us the "Books and Spices Shelves"! Now you can store several packs of butters at once and learn cooking like Magic! Ah yes, this site is still free... so enjoy!

    Nov 3, 2003. Tired of having to go back and forth to the cashier for buying all the ingredients you need to cook a delicious homemade bread? If yes go and get our Recipe Mix Packs from the "Regular Simmies" section. You'll buy in one go whatever you need and can even make some provisions for the week!

    Nov 2, 2003. As usual, whenever a new EP comes out we update our patches. Today the "visitor patch" has been updated and the "supercaff" edited for Magicland. More to follow, but not necessarily today though since we got to play - sorry test - that new EP too!

     Oct 14, 2003.
Go to our "Kids and Pets" section and grab our Little Chemist which will allow kids and adults to make the potion of their choice, including the love potion for kids, gain some grade points and win some awards all that in a much shorter time than the orginal version. In the same section our Kids Hotbub kids can use giving energy, more comfort and which hardly breaks. At C&C we like to keep your kids busy! In the "DIY" section, you'll find a tutorial on how to convert any regular double bed into a lovebed as well as an upgrade for your dressers to give them the HD change clothes feature but not only.

     Sep 7, 2003. Over the week-end we had some major updates as follows:
rom the Regular Simmies Section our MAGAZINES RACK/BOOKCASES for your sims - kids and visitors included - to improve their interests fast - without losing one subject when learning another. The readme text will explain a trick on how to have your visitors reading the interests you want them to study. Get also the SS WALL MOUNTED TV not requiring any ugly satellite dish as well as... Superstar. That your pets and visitors can turn on if they like to watch, anyway your sims will continue to sleep even if it's on so no bother! And yes at C&C we do believe pets can use a remote control! An EXCERCISE MACHINE so easy to use that a kid can do it, to give you body points without too much efforts and time - well some is needed or where the fun will be? And no it's not the papergirl that you can hear whistling and singing! Some sims are simply not discreet when cheating with that machine! And to complete that section an AT HOME SUSHI COUNTER for your hungry Sims (kids, visitors included), much more filling than any pizza.

From the Pets Section some PETBOWLS we posted some time ago without advertising can be found to increase pets skills, motives and personalities. You'll love stray pets soon!

From the DIY Section, a tutorial on how to generate thumbnails for simcategorizer and simobject manager, now you'll know what objects you have in your game! And to complete the update, a toilets upgrade to improve your toilets performances, we do know toilets are vital to our Sims!

    Sep 6, 2003. The download link for SS TV works now, go and download it! Also, if you downloaded the bookcases yesterday, please redownload one since it needs a special magazine mesh which was not included in the first zip - all racks and bookcases use the same so only one is needed. More uploads to follow! Go and visit the DIY, the Regular Simmies and the Pets sections.

    July 6, 2003. At C&C we feel death and disease has no part in the Sims and we have just taken a giant step toward that goal. Who on earth can lack the heart making pets die among others without considering the reaction of kids who love their sim pets. We have the cure! Get Melany's Medicine Bowl (from the pets section) - a little girl who didn't like to see her pets sick - or our Medicine Cabinet (from the Regular Simmies section) which finally holds medicine - rather unusual for a medicine cabinet no? Also for Superstar users we have another Maxis can't get it to work but we can! Get the Intel Computer in Studio Town and see how much your Sims will like it!

    June 21, 2003. S
ome - or rather a lot of updates - this week-end! For the Guest Artist Section Deb made a beautiful Emerald Isle Restaurant Set that you have to see by yourself. Dine in formal attire, enjoy your date as ever seating in her hacked booth. And now have your Sims experience socializing in our bar in Studio Town - or anywhere actually except at home! Go and download our Norma Jean Blues Bar! And the good news is that you don't need Superstar to use all the objects of that bar but please pay attention to the readme file!

    June 2, 2003. The "no jealousy patch" readme text had a little boo-boo! The files must be put into "expansion shared" folder since "game data/expansion shared" doesn't exist! Sorry about that!    

    June 1, 2003. One more patch has been updated for Superstar! Get the "No More Jealousy patch" from our "Regular Simmies" section. If like us, you believe that small pets had all the rights to live much longer than what Maxis had in mind for them, then get from our "Pets" section our "Mabuhay Birds" Aviary and your birds will now be able to live at least for a century (provided you take good care of your cat since we didn't have the heart to electrify the wires of the cage!). While we were there we corrected another injustice making kids able to take care of their birds now as well as clean the cage! And to top it all we feel that the new color we have chosen for this aviary is definitely more delicate than the original!

    May 28, 2003. We opened our "guest artist" section and are featuring Deb who hacked a mouse said to be eaten by cats when caught! Also your cats will be inclined to catch mice more often - we know our swimming pack among others just spoiled them! Our "swimming pack" comes in two versions now, one for Unleashed, one for Superstar, just download part 1 if you already had the previous version since both have been improved thanks to Deb - no more pets walking on water! If you don't have pets, we suggest you download our swimming equipment (part2) to see a very crowded spa in Studio Town ( try to install by the pool your karaoke and see how large an audience you can get!). Superstar objects are almost all up now! We still need to finish our patches - but one of us has problems with Superstar, reason why their release is delayed! However, our" visitor patch" is ready and even slightly improved - you can now ask your visitors about their needs among other features! Rozzyoo has hacked his "move-in patch" and it includes our visitor patch for Superstar and a part you'll need later for our no jealousy patch, so go and get them in the "Regular Simmies" section.

    May 21, 2003. We are currently updating for Superstar! We will release the objects as they come and they will not be necessarily featured here! You'll find them all in the Regular Simmies section. When all updates will be done we will update this page again and a newsletter will be issued to our subscribers! You can already find our SS Supercaff to instantly boost some major motives and let the rest untouched avoiding still Sims as well as our Ultrasonic Bookcase! Go and get your Sims climb the ladder of fame now!

    May 19, 2003. Don't you find it strange that Sims' dogs have more difficulties making puppies than adults having babies who after a few kisses are given the option to raise a child? Shouldn't it be the contrary? Well if you agree, go and see our Pets Section and get the Puppy factory a very special doghouse comfortable and energetic with a little plus! Don't you think that taking care of a pet is fully part of a kid education? Well get from the Pets & Kids Section the second part of Pet Tricks & Treats and now Sims' kids will train their dogs while their parents will concentrate on socializing! Don't you find dull diagonal walls boring? A full collection of one and two tiles large paintings for diagonal walls is awaiting for you at our Regular Simmies Section! Stay tuned, since some updates should be available soon fully compatible with Superstar!

    May 16, 2003. SUPERSTAR INFORMATION: as stated in our Policy & Requirements section since our opening, some patches cannot work without the proper expansion pack (for more details read the mentioned section). This is the case for our visitor patch and our no jealousy patch for Superstar. They must be removed prior to installation of Superstar or your sims will freeze when in Studio Town! New patches will be made as soon as one of us can test them - Superstar hasn't reached us yet! However, this is not going to take too long!

    May 3, 2003. Oops! It seems the Tricks and Treats petdisplay in the Pets & Kids section didn't get all categories of lots edited and therefore was not appearing in the corresponding buy catalogs. It has been categorized to appear everywhere except at home of course! Please download it again and sorry about that! We hate T-mog!

    May 2, 2003. It seems that you, the discerning internet public, have put too much of a load on our prior provider. Therefore we have changed to a commercial domain we hope won’t become overwhelmed by the high traffic. We’re tickled, you like us so much and have dug deep in our skimpy pockets to bring you at least a year more of C&C Enterprises. That way hopefully we won’t be kicked off line too often getting folks to the new site. We know you will enjoy the new site as much as the old one and probably the downloading will be a lot easier..... please don't forget to bookmark our new address!

     April 26, 2003. Well more than a month has passed! First of all, we would like to thank you all for your patronage since in less than 3 weeks of existence you were already 11,000 visitors. Secondly, for the past 2 weeks, our server was migrating and if the site was functioning properly for you, it wasn't for the hidden administrative part, rendering uploads impossible as well as access to some parts of our database. Actually not all is back yet but we decided to update anyhow. You'll find new items for pets like some lampposts or tree to keep your neighborhood clean of dog pee puddles, kids and pets had an update earlier this month we couldn't advertise and kids can treat their pets now, regular simmies have new foodprocessors to continue the Good Morning set as well as some matching super caff coffee machines. We hope that little items - not so little to make actually - will make you wait for the big projects which are coming up.

    March 23, 2003. Not a huge update, we are busy preparing some big projects! Too many of you had some hacked files conflicting with our Visitor patch and No More Jealousy patch, we included our hacked part for you to do it by yourself but we agree it could be difficult. Rozzyoo at Simslice gave us his approval to include our hack in his, so now you can enjoy his marriage/move-in hack together with ours. This is how we see our community! Thank you Simslice and Rozzyoo! You'll find this patch at the end of our downloads section - next week we promise we will categorize this section, for easier browsing!

    March 16, 2003. Our tutorial is ready! Go to the Do-It-Yourself section!

    March15, 2003. Not a huge update, but still an update - busy with the construction of the site still - a colorful Enhanced Pet Gym giving more fun to your pets and lighting up at night! You'll find it under the pet items - the download section is not categorized but objects are however gathered by themes. This is a multi-tiled object and therefore represents a lot of recoloring work aside from the hacking part! The tutorial and its DIY files are ready and are just under the reviewing stage! Expect it tomorrow! Those who had problems downloading big zips and didn't manage to get them, please don't hesitate to contact us!

    March 9, 2003. First of all, let us thank you all of you who sent us so many kind messages and also those who promptly reported some mishaps that we were able to rectify right away. We are sorry not to be able to reply to all of you individually. Today's update has the "visitor pack" containing objects edited for visitors plus some enhancements as well as the "Good Morning" pack which contains objects to speed up morning ablutions. Some more items will follow but we are going to concentrate on the tutorial first. Have a nice Sunday!

    March 8, 2003. Oops! The funframe got all the proper hacking but the color! If you want the featured color, please download it again. The "no jealousy" and "visitors" patches have been uploaded, as well as the "super caffinated coffe maker" which allows socializing while boosting other motives. Items to complete the visitor patch should be uploaded tomorrow. Bear with us, we are still in the learning process!

    March 7, 2003. Obviously, we are still under construction and some sections are actually empty. It's the case for the "Do-it-yourself" section. More items will be uploaded over the week-end, promised!